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The Wall Street Journal | View >>

The Wall Street Journal discusses the uncertainties around cell phone radiation risks, and highlights Belly Armor products as one of the more reasonable approaches to reducing this radiation exposure.

The Doctors | View >>

The Doctors is an Emmy Award-winning TV show focused on providing viewers with information that is “essential to maintaining good health and well being”.  In this episode, they talk about how a pregnant woman can protect herself and her baby from radiation risks with Belly Armor.


The Reynolds Mom View  >>

As a blogger, The Reynolds Mom uses her  laptop quite a bit. She can’t help but wonder if there is a connection to her heavy laptop usage, radiation and her reproductive system.

people moms and babies magazine

People – Moms & Babies
Feb 2012 | 
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March 2014 | View >>

People Magazine discuss taking a precautionary approach and curling up with a Belly Blanket.


The New York Times | View >>

Regarded as one of the leading newspapers in the U.S., The New York Times features Belly Armor as one of the few anti-radiation products backed up with some science.

Babble Belly Armor reviewBabble | Sep 2010 View >> Oct 2010 ViewBabble, one of the most popular websites and award-winning resource for parents, posts two blogs about everyday radiation and proposes Belly Armor for those worried about radiation exposure to everyday devices.


NBC | View

NBC San Francisco examines Belly Armor as a product protecting the unborn from radiation from cell phone and other sources.


TIME | View

TIME Magazine reviews Belly Armor’s Belly Band.  Read a response by Belly Armor’s co-founder.


The Art of Making a Baby | View >>

This mommy blogger lists Belly Armor as a pregnancy must-have, and wishes she had her Belly Blanket and Belly Band from Day 1 of her pregnancy.

Pregnancy & Newborn

Pregnancy & Newborn | View >>

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine features Belly Armor’s Belly Blanket Chic as a must-have for mothers.

Baby Talk

Babytalk View >>Parenting Magazine’s Babytalk advices on how to shield your bump from radiation.

The Green Doula
The Green Doula | View>>The Green Doula writes about Belly Armor as a fabulous find for expectant mothers, and can be “a staple to help protect and sustain both female and male reproductive areas in general.”

Green Child Magazine

Green Child Magazine View >>

Covering the topic of everyday radiation and the concern for pregnant women and young children, Green Child Magazine provides tips from a renowned researcher for reducing exposure, including using Belly Armor for shielding.


CNET | View >>

CNET writes about the warning by Dr. Herberman of the Pittsburgh Cancer Institute that there’s a “growing body of literature linking long-term cell phone use to possible adverse health effects”, and features Belly Armor as an option for those seeking to take precaution.

Haute Mama

Haute Mama | View >>

This maternity lifestyle expert’s website for the stylish green urban expecting mom and parents uses the Belly Blanket at work and during her travels.  Her husband does too.


ParentGuide News | View >>

ParentGuide News is a great source for all the gear infants, tots, children and parents need. The article recommends Belly Blanket to shield your baby from radiation during pregnancy.

Good Day Sacramento | View >>

Good Day host tries the cell phone test live for viewers and showcases Belly Armor as the perfect holiday gift for soon-to-be moms.

Faith & Family Reviews

Faith and Family Reviews | View>>

This mommy blogger of eight kids researches the topic of health risks from everyday radiation and reviews a Belly Armor Belly Blanket.

PopSugar moms website
PopSugar Moms | View>>

Rebecca Gruber reviews 120 new kid and baby products (including three new Belly Armor products) at the 2014 ABC Kids Expo.

Medical Daily

Medical Daily | View>>

This article reviews RadiaShield Boxer-Briefs and sites several studies on how radiation can impact the health of a man’s sperm.


Jenn’s RAQ | View>>

In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, Jenn reviews hot products for breastfeeding moms.


The Fashionable Housewife | View>>

Pregnant with her third child, this mommy blogger shares her top 5 “must have” pregnancy essentials.

Better TV Show | View >>

Elina Furman of A List Mom talks about the best products to have if you are traveling pregnant or with children.

The Daily Mom website
Daily Mom | View >>

Daily Mom hosts a Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign and gives away four packages to help moms breastfeed easier.

Bro Bible | View >>

Discusses how radiation can cause negative health effects on the male reproductive system and how men can protect themselves with RadiaShield Boxer-Briefs.

Mom Trends | View >>

For Baby Safety Month, Mom Trends gives a sneak peek at some of the best safety products from the ABC Kids Expo that are available for keeping your child safe and secure at home.

Healthy Voyager | View >>

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton is a holistic nutritionist, vegan chef, cookbook author, speaker, show host, consultant and healthy travel expert. She dishes on what she thinks of Belly Armor products.


Mom 4 Life | View >>

In this video, the founder of a leading online retail site for all things mom-invented talks about why Belly Armor gives her a peace of mind during her pregnancy.

Annie’s Organic Baby Blog | View >>

A blogger chronicles her detox before and during pregnancy writes about how to avoid non-ionizing radiation with Belly Armor.

Baby Elan | View >>

BabyElan {daily} is a site to help new parents, parents-to-be, and gift-givers alike, discover the greatness beyond mainstream baby retailers that seemed to be popping up from coast to coast.   Here they discover Belly Armor.


Our Knight Life | View >>

This Las Vegas mommy blogger is dedicated to family, fitness, and fun! She wrote an extensive review of Belly Blanket Luxe, including a video and cell phone test.