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Current Cell Phone Safety Standards not Enough to Protect

Researchers sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the University of Pittsburgh indicated that the current safety standards used in the U.S. for cell phones are not enough to protect the public. The same conclusion was reached through testimony at a Senate hearing chaired by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa). Read more to see how you can reduce exposure to cell phone radiation.

Source: CNET

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Living Near Major Power Lines?

Living in proximity to major power lines may increase risk of dying from Alzheimer’s disease or senile dementia, a research from Switzerland shows. The risk also steadily increased with the amount of time the person had been living near such power lines. Power lines emit extremely low frequency magnetic fields similar to those by electrical appliances and wiring.

Source: Reuters

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Long-term Cell Phone Use

A report urged for more research into potential risks from long-term cell phone use, rather than the more commonly studied short-term risks. The author placed children, pregnant women and fetuses as well as workers subject to high occupational exposure among the most vulnerable population.

Source: Washington Post

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Wireless Health Risks

Anxiety about wireless health risks is mounting. Government officials in some countries are issuing warnings and seeking reviews of the long-term health impact of exposure to wireless networks and cell phones. School officials demanded further analysis before schools introduce wireless computer networks.

Source: NY Times

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Power Lines and Leukemia Risk

Association for Children with Leukaemia in UK urged government to prevent power lines from being built in close proximity to houses and schools. A previous study had found that children who lived within 200 metres of high voltage lines had a 70% higher risk of developing leukaemia than those who lived more than 600 metres away.

Source: BBC

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Anxieties about Wi-Fi Effect On Children

With thinner skulls, less fully developed nervous systems and a lifetime of exposure to cell phone technology, children have been the main cause for concern about the effect of electromagnetic radiation. Chairman of the British Health Protection Agency (HPA) acknowledged that radiation below guideline levels, while thought to be safe, may have effects on the body. Thus, a precautionary approach was recommended.

Source: Times Online

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