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Inform Yourself

Learn more about everyday radiation. Increasingly, everyday radiation is being shown to have adverse health risks. Health experts and governments worldwide have been drawing attention to the emerging evidence and taking action. Learn more here about what various organizations are saying and doing.

World Health Organization

In May of 2011 the WHO reclassified Cell Phone Radiation in the same potentially carcinogenic category as chloroform, engine exhaust, and lead.

What are governments worldwide doing?

From France to China to San Francisco, governments worldwide are taking the emerging evidence of public health risks from everyday radiation seriously

Environmental Health Trust

Dedicated to focusing individuals and policy makers on prevention as the cure, EHT helps educate and build awareness on the latest science around EMFs.

Environmental Working Group

The public / private consumer watch group has done their own assessments and studies of the risk from everyday radiation.

European Commission

The Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health of the European Commission assess health risks from EMFs.